Cleanroom Facemask

  • ƒManufactured and packed in cleanroom environment.
  • ƒMask’s materialis made of combined polymer ES which is lint‐and ideal for critical environments.
  • ƒSilicon‐free and lint‐free Opelon and Polyurethane earloop/ headloop band
  • ƒLoop can also be customized to earloop, headloop or tie‐on type
  • ƒLoop bands are ultrasonic bonded ensuring a cleaner mask by reducing contamination & outgassing.ƒ
  • The 3 Ply facemask provides 95% BFE at 3.0 micron size; and 97.6% PFE at 0.1 micron size
  • ƒSolvent‐free, cleanroom double‐bagged packaging